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Abbys Story

So it's been a year since I became a member at crossfit widnes (16th Dec 2016) not knowing how the hell I was gonna manage it as I hadn't done anything fitness wise in a while. My aim was to lose weight as I had put a lot on over the years comfort eating and it had made me lose all my confidence, which also caused me anxiety to the point I wouldn't even go into town. I started to love crossfit not only cause it pushed my limits but because the support was amazing every session. I went to the classes around 2 times a week but didn't change my eating habits which in the end resulted in no results, I had an emotional attachment to food. In February 2017 I decided enough was enough I was putting in the work but not getting results because of the food I was eating and how much of it so I started to have one takeaway a week, it was so hard In the beginning I didn't always stick to it either I literally counted down the days till I could have a 'cheat day'. Well we're 10 months on from that and a year on since my first class, I'm 3 stone down and my fitness has improved so much, I have my confidence back and I can go weeks without even thinking about a takeaway. I eat what I want but I've learnt to eat everything in moderation. I can't thank the coaches enough for their support and helping me progress!

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