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What is CrossFit?


The definition of CrossFit is "Constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement." To understand this better we can break it down:


CONSTANTLY VARIED — Always changing the workouts, never letting your body adapt. This is why CrossFit is great for getting results. Your body never gets used to anything so you never reach those plateaus.


HIGH INTENSITY — This is where many misconceptions about CrossFit come from. Many people think intensity is screaming and yelling and looking like you are going to pop a vain in your neck. This is not intensity although it may sometimes be the result of intensity. Intensity is the act of creating power (power = force multiplied by distance divided by time). In basic language we are saying power/intensity is how much weight you can move over the longest distance in the shortest amount of time. Our goal is to develop people who can run further, move more weight, and do more pressups.  All while of course maintaining proper form and technique. This is our moto! Fitter Faster Stronger!


FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS — Are movements humans were built for. Movements that are natural and safe. Movements we use in everyday life such as squatting, deadlifting, pulling yourself up, etc. This is NOT standing on a Bosu ball on one leg doing bicep curls. This is NOT sitting in a machine that holds you in place while you execute a movement that isolates one muscle leaving your body unbalanced with useless strength. These are movements that promote neurological and hormonal responses, leading to better health, actual strength, actual core stability, agility, and flexibility.

CrossFit can be scaled to any body, any age, and any level of fitness. It's fun, its safe, and best of all it gets results.


We offer training in small to medium sized groups so you get personal training combined with the friendliness of a small class. You will be coached through a different workout everyday altered to suit your personal needs. Our workouts are short so they can fit in your busy lifestyle. Have a look at our ‘Daily WOD' page to get a feel for the variety of our workouts and the type of things you’ll achieve.



We believe that your level of fitness is not defined by how far you can run, cycle or swim or even how much weight you can lift, but by how balanced you are over all of the 10 fundamental physical attributes below. An athlete competent in all of these elements will cope, if not excel, at whatever life, or their sport, throws at them.


  • Strength – the ability of your muscles to apply force

  • Speed – your ability to repeat a movement quickly

  • Power – your ability to produce maximum force in minimum time

  • Balance – your ability to control the placement of your centre of gravity in relation to your base

  • Agility – your ability to quickly change from one movement to another

  • Accuracy – your ability to control movement in a given direction

  • Co-ordination – your ability to combine several movements into a single distinct movement

  • Flexibility – your ability to move your joints through their full range of motion

  • Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance – the ability of your body to gather and use oxygen

  • Stamina – the ability of your body to store and use energy

The common myth when it comes to CrossFit is that it is only for the ELITE athlete and that you NEED to get in “shape” before you ever walk into a CrossFit Gym. This is NOT True. All of our Workouts of the Day (WOD) are designed in such a way that we can 'Scale' a workout to your ability and fitness level. This is most important to our coaches, that we scale the workout correctly for you! We believe people of all abilities from Elite Athlete to Fitness newcomer can train along side each other with the correct intensity.

A full explanation of CrossFit’s definition of fitness, and the science behind it, can be found by clicking on the link to the free issue of the CrossFit Journal “What is Fitness?” on this page.


Whether your goal is to maintain your independence, be better at your sport, or somewhere in-between, CrossFit can work for you.  Our training aims to maximise your abilities across the 10 areas listed above delivering a broad, inclusive fitness providing an excellent foundation to sport specific training or enabling you to get up off the toilet unaided.

We prepare you not only for the unknown but for the unknowable.  Our workouts blur the distinction between strength and cardio work – life doesn’t make this distinction so neither do we

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