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If you are not familiar with CrossFit, you may think that our prices are slightly higher than a typical gym memberships.


What do you get from a typical gym membership?  You pay a flat fee to use the equipment – That’s it.


At CrossFit, we like to offer more than just equipment to use. We program your workouts for you, instruct you on correct movements daily, offer nutritional and programming advice if desired, and guide you through scaling if you maybe injured or their is something you may be uncomfortable with. This is the closest you will get to personal training without the price tag.


If you take full advantage of what CrossFit Widnes has to offer we believe you get every penny worth what you spend.

We also like to stay competitive with the service we provide, keeping the quality along with an affordable price to suit a variety of options such as 8 sessions per month, 12 sessions per month and an unlimited option. We also have a trial of £14.00 for 14 days so you can have a taster for what CrossFit is all about!

For uniformed services such as firefighter/NHS/Military/Police we also offer a 10% discount (please contact us for discount code)


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