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Im not fit enough for CrossFit....

The statement I hear on a regular basis.

I cant wait to do CrossFit, ill come soon, im working on getting fit first. Have you ever thought about the logic behind that?

Im going to get fit, before I come and learn how to get fit?

And thats what CrossFits all about. Its what separates us from your average circuit training class or globo gym. The coaching.

As coaches, we spend our class time developing you as a human and specifically looking at how you move in order to give you the best possible information in order to progress. Along with this, we add in taylored diet advice and how to change things around for you as you may not have mastered a certain movement yet or have an injury and need to avoid. Its this style of training that is the most effective and safe.

Lets get back to where we started, getting fit before learning to get fit.

1. 90% of the time, you will learn incorrect habits on technique, which will then take longer to iron out.

2. Incorrect technique can and will lead to injury.

3. How do you know if what you are doing is effective, correct or going to help you in CrossFit?

Its like saying, im going to learn to drive on my own, before then going to get lessons from a professional? It doesn't make sense?

At CrossFit Widnes, it is about who is the fittest, who is the strongest, who has won what competition. We are all helping each other to progress. Thats what its all about in the end. Your own personal progression. No comparing to other people and how they are. They may well be fitter or stronger than you, but there will be someone fitter and stronger than them too! That's life. There is always someone better than you out there.

As I mentioned earlier, all of our workouts are tailored to each individual. There is a general program stimulus for the class, but then each person has different abilities, therefore different aspects can be changed for that individual to ensure EVERYONE gets a good workout.


Enjoy the journey, enjoy the process, enjoy the results.

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