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Introducing Marv Turner - GBPF Power lifter and Strength & Fitness Coach

Marv Turner - GBPF Powerlifter

Strength & Fitness Coach

My journey in lifting started with a basic weight set for an early teen birthday present and quickly escalated into a passion I’ll forever chase. Fast forward through the years of training in many different gyms, adopting many different styles I eventually landed on powerlifting, and it became my passion, chasing the perfect lifts, achieving maximal strength and pushing beyond all limits physically and mentally.

Whatever your goals may be whether it is to lose weight, build some lean muscle, get stronger or even take on the challenge of competing and getting on to the platform I’ll be here to give you the drive to achieve.


First session free!!

  • One to One £20 per hour

Monthly one to one block bookings

  • 1 session per week £60 Per Month

  • 2 sessions per week £120 Per Month

  • 3 sessions per week £180 Per Month

Group monthly block bookings

Save money and train with friends. Prices listed are for groups of 2. Bigger groups will gain further discounted prices please enquire.

  • 1 session per week £40 each

  • 2 sessions per week £80 each

  • 3 sessions per week £120

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