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The 5 rules of success

Listening to a podcast earlier and came across probably the best advice ive ever heard! It can be transferred to ANYTHING!

Work, freedom, success, sport, weight loss and fitness..... ANYTHING

The 5 pillars of success :

1 : Better Planning and preparation Simple but effective. Saying you have a goal is just not enough! You need a plan and work out the smaller steps and short term goals you need to take in order to achieve the overhaul long term goal.

2. Accountability Make yourself accountable. What does this mean? It means basically someone, something to tell you off if your going off track or not following the path. This could be a fitness coach, personal trainer, business coach, training partner, friend, family member, anyone!

3. Positive support Again, simple! Surround yourself with people that WANT you to achieve your goals. Will listen to your plans and help you where they can. Be at the end of the phone when its not going ok and tell you it will be fine. Positive thoughts result in positive actions. If there are people in your life sapping your energy, always negative, bitter, secretly dont want you to be successful, get rid of them! They are an anchor on your speedboat!

4. Incentive Give yourself incentive. Reward yourself. Now if your goal is to lose weight, hitting the all you can eat buffet and consuming 100000 calories isnt going to keep you on the right track. But treating yourself to some expensive jeans you now look and feel great in will help. Or go play and run with your kids, let your reward remind you of why you are on the path that you are. No matter what your goal is or where you are heading.

5. Deadline Always have a deadline. This could be, at 3pm I WILL start my session for today. Or it could be by the last day of the month i WILL have completed X task. It will vary for each goal, but otherwise how will we know if we are moving in the right direction if things are not being completed? Simply saying, ONE DAY ILL DO.....isnt good enough and human nature will allow us to never get there and naturally procrastinate. Think about special offers, people naturally leave it until last minute. Packing suitcases, last minute. Birthday shopping, last minute. Simply human nature. We need to set a date, time, deadline and make sure we work towards it!

Above all - MAKE SURE WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING MAKES YOU HAPPY - Otherwise whats the point?

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