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Wednesday 24/2/16 WOD CrossFit Widnes


EMOM 10 mins


6 x Pullups (3 to be strict)

*scale as needed for ring rows

jumping eccentric etc


1st min - 3 x Ring Muscle Ups

2nd min 3 x Bar muscles Ups

WOD 1 - AMRAP 8 mins

in partners: (both partners working together at the same time)

5 x Deadlifts 100/60kg

5 x BoxJumps 30/24"

WOD 2 - AMRAP 8 mins

5 x Back Squats 70/50kg

5 x Toes to Bar


1 x athlete starts on one movement, the other athlete on the second movement. Both must complete each of their reps before they change over.

Score is total reps between 2 athletes.

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