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Saturday 23rd May 2015 - Workout Of The Day - CrossFit Widnes

Warmup Mobility

Coaches choice


Beginners - Overhead Squat

Intermediates - build a decent 5x rep heavy OH Squat

WOD (modified 15.2) 40/30kg

With a running Clock


2 rounds of:

10 x Overhead Squat

10 x Pullups


2 rounds of:

12 x Overhead Squats

12 x Pullups

6-9 Mins

2 x rounds of:

14 x Overhead Squats

14 x Pullups

9-12 Mins

2 rounds of:

16 x Overhead Squats

16 x Pullups

etc etc….

*** scale oh squats for PVC Pipe ****scale pullups with ring rows or bands

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