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Breakfast! RAWnola and Greek Yogurt

Here is a nice change for you guys!

If you like Breakfast cereal you will love this. As you know, there are a lot of breakfast cereals out there, but the problem is they are full of rubbish and ingredients that will make you store bodyfat, not provide you with decent nutrition and not fill you up.

We are please to annouce that CrossFit Widnes are now an OFFICIAL stockist for the RAWnola brand of breakfast cereal. Its healthy and COMPLETELY grain free. You can buy it from us for £6 per bag :) its SOoooo tasty!

Why not try it as a TASTY sweet snack on its own, or Mixed with Greek Yogurt or Ice Cold Milk for a Breakfast. We recommend at least 100-150g of Greek Yogurt to get a small serving of Protein!


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