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Wednesday 3rd September 2014

Warmup Mobility

30/20/15/10 Secs of:



1)Incline Bench Press 5-5-5-5

2) Practise L-Sits establish Max Hold

WOD (score on total reps for each round)

In a 5 minute window

Run/Row 800m

then AMRAP - Toes To Bar

REST 60 secs

In a 4 minute Window

Run/Row 400m

Plate GTOH 10/15kg

REST 60 secs

In a 3 minute Window

Run/Row 300m

AMRAP Pullups

REST 60 secs

In a 2 minute Window

Run 200m

AMRAP Situps

REST 60 secs

In a 1 minute Window

Run/Row 100m

AMRAP Clap Pressups


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