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Shaw Sports Therapy and Injury Treatment

Jodie and Adam are offering Sports Therapy services at Crossfit Widnes.

About Jodie

Jodie graduated from Edge Hill University with a degree in Sports Therapy. Since graduation Jodie has

worked in a Sports Injury Clinic, Dance College & with Crossfit participants.

Jodie is constantly attending professional development courses to further her knowledge to offer clients

the best Sports Therapy service possible. Jodie has worked at various Sporting Events around the North

West offering Sports Therapy services to athletes participating.

About Adam

Adam graduated from Edge Hill University with a degree in Sports Therapy. Since graduation Adam has

worked within various amateur and professional Sports teams and a Sports Injury Clinic. He has

developed his knowledge through professional development courses and work in the industry. Adam is

returning to University this year to study a Masters in Sports Medicine to further his knowledge.


Injury Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation:

Assessment includes discussion about your injury and physical tests. In the assessment we will ask a

series of questions related to the injury to get as much information to determine the correct treatment

and rehabilitation for each individual. A physical assessment is then performed to assess the full body

and injured area to determine the cause of the problem. Once this assessment has been performed the

appropriate treatment will be carried out and rehabilitation plan will be put in place to aid recovery.

Sports / Deep Tissue Massage:

Massage is the management and manipulation of the soft tissues in the body.

The benefits of sports massage include:

 ​remodel of scar tissue

 increase or decrease muscle tone

 increase or decrease muscle length

 ​improve circulation and lymphatic flow

 ​assist in the removal of metabolic waste

Manual Therapy:

This is a hands on treatment which includes mobilisations of joints and releasing of soft tissues. It aims

to reduce pain and improve movement.

Medical Acupuncture:

Medical Acupuncture (also known as Dry Needling) is a therapeutic treatment. This type of needling

differs from the Traditional Method of following Meridian lines, whereas dry needling targets the soft



Pilates aims to strengthen the muscles of the spine including the deep abdominal muscles, gluteal

muscles to aid movement and functional skills and improve posture. It is a mind-body conditioning

exercise to improve overall core stability. This exercise approach is beneficial for all but can be

particularly beneficial for individuals with neck or back pain, poor posture, sports injuries and

neurological conditions.

If there is an injury or issue we are presented with that is outside our scope of practice, we will always

refer to your GP or to another Practitioner to assist with the appropriate treatment.

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