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Jenny Towell


Personal Trainer - Body Transformation Specialist

Hi I am Jenny, a full time Personal Trainer and Co-Owner at CrossFit Widnes. For the past 8 years I have been helping people to improve their quality of life through Health and Fitness. I specialise in helping people who may be Overweight, never exercised before and possibly scared and intimidated by a Gym environment. I have helped many people of the years re-gain control over their Health and Fitness and in many cases helped people continue on and achieve the great body they deserve and desire.


As a busy Mum, competing Athelete and full time Coach and Personal Trainer, I understand how hard it must be to make time for yourself. With my knowledge of Nutrition and Exercise you will be surprised at how quickly you can make changes to your body VERY QUICKLY. With that in mind, in 2015, I have now begun to offer "Express PT" for clients. This is a relatively cheap way to train and get the results you want in a very short amount of time. Exercise and Training sessions need not always be 1 hour or more in length. With the correct Training Principles applied and Clean Eating Plan, you will be shocked at how quickly we can start melting Body Fat, start to shape muscles and make you feel 100% better about yourself.


For years we have been exposed to all kinds of Exercise Classes, DVDs, Videos, and the latest Gadget to get you a flat and toned stomach. The bottom line is, that although some of these will give you a small amount of success, you will find in all cases the results are not sustainable. My principles of Training are that you will always be using "BIGGEST BANG FOR BUCK" exercises. By that I mean, all the exercises are:


Functional: Each exercise follows a movement pattern used in everyday life, such as a Deadlift, Squat and Jump


Constantly Varied: You will never get bored, as my armoury of exercises is HUGE!


Relatively High Intensity: You will work to YOUR level of intensity to get the maximum output from the exercises


In a short space of time using my Training Principles,  you will find:


  • You will have more energy

  • You will lose weight

  • You will gain muscle tone

  • You will get FITTER

  • You will get FASTER

  • You will get STRONGER




If you are nervous about starting, or if you are slightly apprehensive about starting a Body Transformation. PLEASE DONT WORRY. You are not the First Person to feel nervous, neither will you be the last. Call me today and we can have a chat about your specific requirements.

Initial Consulation: FREE

30 min Express Session: £15.00

60 min Full Session: £35.00


**Discounts given for block Bookings of 5 or more sessions.

Group Personal Training: (Maximum 4 people)

£40 per session.

PHONE: 07595 479124       EMAIL:

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