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Translating CrossFit

So, wev all heard the terminology, but how much of it do we actually understand? It seems CrossFitters have their own language, but lucky we are here to help and translate!

CrossFit - Constantly varied,high intensity, Functional Movement.

Functional - A natural movement that can be transfered into everyday life

Box - A gym. Mostly called boxes as CrossFit facilities have a wide variety of locations and so there is no set standard, it could even be done in a big box...

AMRAP - As many reps/rounds as possible. A set time will be started and you will be required to do as much as possible within the time limit.

RX - As prescribed, as the workout is wrote.

Scaled - An exercise pr weight has to be changed to scale to a persons ability to complete the workout.

Snatch - Not a dirty word. A snatch is an olympic lifting movement.

Jerk - Again, not a dirty word. A jerk is a press movement.

EMOM - Every minute on the minute complete a certain exercise.

1RM - Anything RM describes rep max. So 1 RM means 1 rep max, the maximum amount of weight you can do for 1 rep. 3 RM, 3 rep max etc.

Ass to grass - Squatting down into a low position deemed as ass touching the floor. Ass to grass.

Score - Every workout has a specific purpose to achieve. The score is the how you did in that workout.

HSPU - Handstand push up

PB - Personal best.

Rep - Repetition of an exercise

Set - A collection amount of reps

BW - Bodyweight. For example this may be used as a BW snatch. You will use your bodyweight on the bar and complete the exercise.

Affiliate: An affiliate is a gym, or “box,” that’s officially affiliated with the CrossFit brand (and thus given CrossFit Headquarters’ blessing to spread the brand’s gospel). In order to become an affiliate, gyms must have CrossFit-certified trainers on staff.

10 General Physical Skills of Fitness: CrossFit workouts are designed to improve this list of skills, believed to encompass the full spectrum of fitness: cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance.

CrossFit Games: Each summer the CrossFit Games test participants with a barrage of physical challenges and workouts, ranging from swimming and running to pull-ups and handstand walks . Participants gather points over the events, and the male and female winners are crowned World’s Fittest Man & Woman. Sectional and Regional qualifiers narrow the field before the annual Games Weekend.

CrossFit Open: A sort of virtual CrossFit Games, the Open allows competitors to register online and compete on their own or at local CrossFit boxes.

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