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Friday 29/4/16 TEAM WOD


100m Sprint Relay YGIG - ALL Athletes complete their sprint before moving on:

400m Team Run

30 x Deadlifts 80kg

25 x Deadlifts 100kg

20 x Deadlifts 120kg

15 x Deadlifts 140kg

12 x Deadlifts 120kg

10 x Deadlifts 140kg

8 x Deadlifts 160kg

6 x Deadlifts 180kg

200 x Wall Balls

4k Row


1. You Go I go on ALL movements expcept Team Run - All athletes to completed the 400m run together. Deadlifts cannot commence until everyone completes 400m

2. No athlete to move onto next movement until previous movement and reps completed.

3. One athlete to work at once on Deadlifts

4. One barbell per team

5. One wall ball per team

6. One rower per team

7. Row can be split up however you like until 4k is completed

8. Athletes must 'tag' each other before changeoever

9. The team can help load the barbell up however they like.

10. Team must be made up of male and female athletes

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