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Saturday January 3rd 2015 - Workout Of The Day - CrossFit Widnes


50 x Jumping Jacks

50 x High Knee Runs

then 3 x rounds of

12 x squats

9 x pressups

6 x pullups/ring rows

3 x Burpees


30/25/20/15/10 secs of (Max reps)

Air Squats

Plyo Lunges

Butterfly Situps

Clapping Pressups

Jumping Squats

WOD 2 FOR TIME (Teams of 5)

4 x rounds for time

400m Carrying Medley

(Team to carry 1 x KB and 1 x Sandbag)

Then each Athlete rows 150m in turn

whilst remaining athletes do burpees,

If any athlete stops during burpees, ROWER must stop rowing until all atheletes continue burpees


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