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Wednesday 29th October 2014 - Workout Of The Day - CrossFit Widnes

Warmup Mobility

3 x Rounds for Quality

8 x Dive Bomber Pressups

8 x squats

8 x Step Lunges


Wall Balls +Box Jumps +TTB/KTE


60 sec to establish max reps

Push press 30/50kg

WOD AMRAP in 15mins

In teams of 3 people

As many Wall Ball Shots 5/8kg

as possible whilst team completes:

7 x Boxjumps 24"/30"

7 x Toes To Bar/Knees to Elbows

**Score on total Wallballs for the team.

Changing WallBall person everytime a round of Boxjumps and Toes To Bar are

completed by remaining team members


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