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Chris Tomlinson - Personal Training &                                   Movement / Mobility Coaching


Personal Training & Movement Therapy

1 x 45 minute session - £25.00

Discounted packages available for block bookings or regular weekly bookings

I first started training at the age of 13, the usual men’s health programs and general broscience stuff heard on the gym floor.

Ive tried every program known to man & made every mistake possible, but learned from it. I’ve done general ‘bodybuilding’, thai boxing, competitive strongman, competitive mixed martial arts, competitive boxing & been in training with the Royal Marine Commandos as a regular and a reservist.

My attitude to clients is to treat you as an adult. Give you the tools, knowledge and discipline to achieve your goals with added support.

A goal without a plan, is just a dream. Your body is a tool for your goals. What the mind believes, the body achieves.

Specialising in :



Weight loss / Fat Loss / Toning

Muscle Building

Mobility & Movement

Sports Massage

General health and fitness

Mental Strength / Motivation


Email :

Call / Text : 07875097307

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